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I am honored and deeply grateful for the award. Please know that your gift will yield a highly competent and compassionate physician.
         Byron Hughes, North Atlantic Region

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FellowshipsAdded to EAF's array of programs in 1995, fellowships do not require enrollment in an academic institution. These awards help to improve the quality of life of others by funding research and projects with practical applications.

Foundation fellowships have been awarded to individuals for a wide range of purposes, from assistance in finding non-violent solutions to human disputes to conducting research on hypertension and the impact of nuclear testing on marine life.

EAF awards the following fellowships, during even-numbered years:

  • 3M Fellowship - to support students pursuing a degree in STEM-related fields
  • Ann McAllister Hughes Foundation - for students studying art
  • Avis Daisy Ellison Fellowship - to provide assistance for students pursuing a math or science career degree
  • Barbara F. Sutton Business Fellowship - to provide assistance to students in Central Region majoring in business administration (undergraduate students only)
  • Branching Out - to support high school seniors currently enrolled in college
  • Capture the PROMISE Fellowship - to assist undergraduate students attending Leadership, Boulé conferences and those in financial need
  • Chelle Wilson 2013 NOLA Scholars - to provide girls from New Orleans with financial assistance
  • Chi Alpha Omega Fellowship - to support program initiatives that align with the current administration's program
  • Dominick’s Educational Advancement Fellowship - to provide support to students who are Dominick employees, or whose parents are Dominick employees
  • Dr. Dorri Phipps Fellowship - for students pursuing degrees in medicine or research pertaining to lupus
  • Educational Enrichment "Think HBCU" - to support students with a 2.5 GPA or above attending an HBCU
  • Eta Lambda Omega Fellowship - for students that win books awards and scholarships through the Eta Lambda Omega scholarship process
  • Juanita A. Wilkinson Fellowship - to provide financial assistance to students from New York and the Virgin Islands
  • Julia Brogdon Purnell Fund - to support programs that strengthen children, adults and families through education, prevention, human services and unique initiatives
  • Kafi Wilford Constantine Fellowship - to provide financial assistance to a college student seeking a law degree
  • Kay Madry Sullivan Fellowship - to assist a college student in the foster care system/independent living from the state of Florida or, in the alternative, South Atlantic Region
  • L. H. Gilliam, Leadership Development - to provide support for undergraduates in the Mid-Atlantic Region to attend Boulé and Leadership seminars
  • Larry & Carolyn Suarez Fellowship for Business & Entrepreneurship - to provide funds for a student pursuing a degree in business and or entrepreneurship
  • Linda Groomes Walton Scholarship Fund - to provide assistance to young women pursuing a degree in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
  • Margaret Blake Roach Fellowship Fund - to provide financial assistance to individuals and organizations in support of a civic, educational or human service endeavor or projects
  • Mary A. McDowell Fellowship - to provide funds for a student majoring in special needs education
  • Mona Calhoun HBCU Scholarship Fund - to support students attending accredited HBCUs
  • Moore Life Learning Fellowship - to support lifelong learning of deserving individuals
  • Rosa Parks Fellowship - earmarked to support individuals and projects involved in finding nonviolent solutions to human problems
  • Rosalind Barnes Griffin Endowment Fund - training towards treatment of mental health
  • South Atlantic Regional Conference Chairman's Fellowship - to support the humanitarian work of a selected nonprofit organization whose focus is consistent with Alpha Kappa Alpha's program of service
  • South Eastern Region Fellowship - for lifelong learning
  • The Charm City Pearls Foundation, Incorporated/Psi Phi Omega Chapter Higher Education Scholars Program - to provide financial support and encourage the pursuit of college education for students who attend community college or an HBCU in the state of Maryland
  • Trotter Fellowship Fund - to support projects that involve chronicling, archiving, publishing, displaying and preserving Black history and the achievements of ordinary individual or groups who do extraordinary things to uplift and educate the Black community
  • William Paterson University Alpha Images Fellowship - to support in the purchase of textbooks for African American students attending Paterson University
  • Xi Zeta Omega Fellowship Fund - to provide financial assistance to individuals committed to enhancing the educational environment of children under the age of 5 years old, with a background in early childhood development

Fellowship applications and supporting documents were due April 15, 2016. Awards will be announced in August 2016.

Fellowship Criteria & Eligibility

Establishing a Fellowship

If you are a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and would like to establish a fellowship, your efforts would support students in a particular field of study. Fellowships are awarded during even-numbered years, and the amount of the award is determined by the fellowship administrator or designated group. Any account balances over $5,000 will draw interest.

Download Fellowship Agreement [PDF]

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Green Diamond Contributions are the lifeblood of the Foundation's work, enabling us to generate the investment income that funds our programs.

While cash donations are the most common form of giving, insurance, memorial gifts, charitable trusts, stocks and bonds are other methods. One of the most gratifying ways for donors to support lifelong learning is by giving to or establishing an endowment fund or fellowship within the Foundation.

These funds add a whole new dimension to the concept of nurturing lifelong learning because they allow the benefactor to reaffirm his or her commitment to a particular niche in education, by establishing specific criteria and guidelines for awarding the funds. Endowments and fellowships are also an excellent way for donors to honor the memory of a friend or loved one.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation offers an opportunity for members, organizations and corporations to leave a lasting legacy through its Endowment Program. An endowment is a restricted, invested fund from which the interest and dividends earned are used for scholarships awards. The principal is never touched, thereby providing a "scholarship" nest egg for years to come. Special donor stipulations may be used to establish the fund to support a personal commitment, honor a loved one or support a specific profession.

You are in control!

  • You establish the eligibility criteria
  • You determine the amount and frequency of awards given
  • You decide the name of the fund
  • You may be involved in the selection process during your lifetime, if you wish
  • You decide when the first award is to be made
  • You determine who receives annual reports on the fund

The first step

Green Diamond 2A minimum of $1,000 may be submitted to "initiate" an endowed fund. This denotes intent and identifies the name(s) of the donor(s). Once the fund reaches $5,000, it is considered "established," becomes part of the Foundation's restricted funds and begins to draw interest, which is compounded to facilitate growth and eventual capitalization. No awards are made from the fund until it is "capitalized" at $20,000. Simply put:

  • Initiate $1,000 - $4,999 (Temporarily restricted)
  • Established $5,000 (draws interest, becomes permanently restricted)
  • Interest Applied $5,000 - $19,999 (No awards made)
  • Capitalized $20,000 (awards made based on actual net interest and dividends)

What's next?

  • Complete an Endowed Scholarship Fund Agreement (download from the "Legacy Endowments" section below or call the EAF office)
  • Submit the Agreement with the initial check, made payable to AKA-EAF, with the name of the endowed fund noted
  • Mail the Agreement and check to: AKA-EAF, 5656 S. Stony Island Ave., Chicago, IL 60637

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Legacy Endowments

Creating a "Legacy Endowment" is an excellent way to encourage family members who are Alpha Kappa Alpha "sisters" to pool funds for prosperity. It can be used to promote endowment-building at the Sorority's Regional Conferences and other venues and is a personal and heartfelt way to create a "lasting legacy" for family members under one initiative.

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Capitalized Endowment Funds [$20,000 or more]

Applying for endowment funds

Endowment fund applications are accepted throughout the year, and you can apply for more than one fund. Review the capitalized endowment fund criteria to find those that match your qualifications. (Click on a fund title below to view criteria. [PDF])

Click here to access the scholarship portal and complete your application

Central Region
States Covered: WI, IL, IN, KY, St. Louis and Cape Girardeau, MO; MN; ND; SD

Far Western Region
States Covered: AZ; CA; OR; WA; NV; UT; ID; AK; HI

Great Lakes Region
States Covered: OH; WV; MI; western PA; western NY

International Region
Areas Covered: All chapters located outside of the U.S.

Mid-Atlantic Region
States Covered: VA; NC

Mid-Western Region
States Covered: IA; NE; KS; MO (except St. Louis & Cape Girardeau); OK; CO; MT; WY

North Atlantic Region
States Covered: MA; eastern NY; eastern PA; NJ; DE; CT; MD; DC; RI; ME; NH; VT

South Atlantic Region
States Covered: SC; GA; FL

South Central Region
States Covered: AR; TX; NM; LA

South Eastern Region
States Covered: TN; AL; MS

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